2023 | transcript Verlag | ISBN: 978-3-8394-6710-7
Algorithmic Exhibition-Making. Curating with Networks and Word Embeddings
Tillmann Ohm
In: AI in Museums. Reflections, Perspectives and Applications.
Sonja Thiel & Johannes Bernhardt (eds.)

2023 | SocArXiv preprint | DOI: 10.31235/
A Framework for the Analysis of Historical Newsreels
Mila Oiva, Ksenia Mukhina, Vejune Zemaityte, Tillmann Ohm, Mikhail Tamm, Andres Karjus, Mark Mets, Daniel Chavez Heras, Mar Canet Sola, Helena Hanna Juht, Maximilian Schich

2023 | ACM (VINCI ‘23) | DOI: 10.1145/3615522.3615546
Collection Space Navigator: An Interactive Visualization Interface for Multidimensional Datasets
Tillmann Ohm, Mar Canet Solà, Andres Karjus, and Maximilian Schich
In: Proceedings of the 16th International Symposium on Visual Information Communication and Interaction Longer preprint on arXiv

2023 | EPJ Data Science | DOI: 10.1140/epjds/s13688-023-00397-3
Compression ensembles quantify aesthetic complexity and the evolution of visual art
Andres Karjus, Mar Canet Solà, Tillmann Ohm, Sebastian E. Ahnert, and Maximilian Schich

2021 (2018) | ARCU&OHM | DOI: 10.31237/
The Artist’s Machine
Tillmann Ohm, and ARCU

Public Talks & Workshops

2023 | Vienna | program
Workshop: Einsichten aus der Museumsanalyse (Insights from Museum Analysis)
Maximilian Schich, and Tillmann Ohm
Getty Research Summer. The Museum in a Digital World: Strategies - Methods - Tools
Belvedere Research Center | Danube University Krems | Getty Foundation

2023 | Rome | recording
Collection Space Navigator
Towards a collaborative cultural analysis of the city of Rome
Bibliotheca Hertziana | Max-Planck-Institute

2022 | Aachen | recording
Curatorial Algorithms and Collection Spaces
Art & Algorithms
Ludwig Forum Aachen

2021 | Tallinn
The Artist’s Machine
The Digital Condition: Arts and Humanities in the Digital Age
Tallinn University Winter School

Exhibitions & Screenings

2020 | Leipzig | exhibition publication
ARCU&OHM @ KUNST(re_public)
HALLE 14 – Center for Contemporary Art
Co-curation of group exhibition

2018 | Munich | documentation
Computer Vision Art Gallery
European Conference on Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design
Part of online exhibition

2018| Frankfurt | documentation
Kubrick’s 2001 – 50 years A Space Odyssey
German Film Museum
Part of group exhibition

2017 | Toronto | documentation
Day Zero
Vector Festival
Part of screening

2017 | Stuttgart
The Art of Video Essay
Stuttgarter Filmwinter
Part of screening

2017 | Weimar
Cinema Paradiso
Bauhaus Summary
Part of screening

2016 | Berlin | documentation
STATE of Emotion – The Sentimental Machine
STATE Festival
Part of group exhibition

2015 | Jena | documentation
What’s Up Novalis – Romantik im 21. Jahrhundert
Jenaer Kunstverein
Part of group exhibition

2013 | Weimar | documentation
The Top Notch – Bauhaus Essentials Award
Neues Museum
Part of the award winners exhibition

2013 – 2017 | Weimar
Annual Exhibition of the Free Arts
Bauhaus University
Co-organization and part of group exhibitions