Tillmann Ohm is an artist and creative technologist working in the special field of computational arts and technology driven artistic research – especially in context of algorithmic art curation and computational creativity. He has a degree (Freie Kunst / Free Arts) from Bauhaus University Weimar, where he also hold lectures and workshops in electronics for art students. He is one of the Bauhaus Essentials winners from 2013, was nominated for several awards of cultural institutions including the Weimar Classics Foundation, and has shown his projects at international festivals, conferences and art exhibitions. Ohm received the Bauhaus Graduation Scholarship in 2017 for his artistic research on algorithmic art curation as well as the Scholarship for Visual Artists 2019 by the Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony. In June 2020, he created the first algorithmically curated art exhibition at HALLE 14 Center for Contemporary Arts in Leipzig, Germany.