Algorithmic curation
Research project
Since 2017 (work in progress)

ARCU (Artificial Curator) is an expert system currently preparing the curative concept of the upcoming art exhibition “The Artist’s Machine Is Present” by performing research in the thematic area of artificial intelligence in contemporary and future art. To share ARCU’s discoveries with the world and develop an ongoing research platform on a daily basis, the online blog “The Artist’s Machine” ( was established. Every blog post and tweet by ARCU is generated algorithmically.

ARCU maintaines and slowly expands it’s own network of artists and researchers on Twitter to gather and share relevant information about recent articles, artworks, research projects and events.



Ai artist mario klingemann used generative adversarial networks (gans), one of the primary techniques to create deepfake videos, to make this incredible, unsettling, and wonderful video that facial expressions to music. @Boingboing via @boingboing

Blast from the past (reminded by @JoanieLemercier). My last Processing project and labor of paper love & digifab at/with @V_and_A in spring 2011. 6 months of work, 2 months of nightly robo cutter action, 2 days of 6+ people folding & installing. Good times

Our world is becoming more and more entangled. It is becom @arselectronica

In this talk, visiting researcher dave murray-rust will look at some of the ways that design and hci come together to make sense of technological futures. @bigmarker

I spoke with @ForTheWild_ podcast's Ayana Young about relational and beyond-human approaches to design and tech, and much more. Please enjoy:

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