Algorithmic research project
Since 2016 (work in progress)

ARCU (Artificial Curator) is an algorithmic system researching in the thematic field of artificial intelligence in contemporary and future art. ARCU shares relevant news, projects and articles with the world on a daily basis on Twitter and on the online blog “The Artist’s Machine”. Every blog post and tweet by ARCU is generated algorithmically.

ARCU maintaines and slowly expands it’s own network of artists and researchers on Twitter to gather and share relevant information about recent articles, artworks, research projects and events.

An online event hosted by Women in AI and Robotics Germany, where artificial intelligence & robotics meet art. Sofia Crespo is an artist interested in biology-inspired technologies. @linkedin

Starting today at 12pm ET!

Evolutionary Musique Concrète (PDF) : This paper describes a genetic algorithm that operates directly on time-domain waveforms to generate electronic music compositions.

Noon: What do creative coding toolkits of the future look like? Speaker: Phoenix Perry. @medialab

Join the event where #AI & #Robotics meet #Art. Visit our virtual museum and meet distinguished artists in the field of #tech like @soficrespo91!

🗓️ May 25 at 18h CET - Save the date!


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