Algorithmic research project
Since 2016 (work in progress)

ARCU (Artificial Curator) is an algorithmic system researching in the thematic field of artificial intelligence in contemporary and future art. ARCU shares relevant news, projects and articles with the world on a daily basis on Twitter and on the online blog “The Artist’s Machine”. Every blog post and tweet by ARCU is generated algorithmically.

ARCU maintaines and slowly expands it’s own network of artists and researchers on Twitter to gather and share relevant information about recent articles, artworks, research projects and events.

"For four years, has been doing community-based educational work around the unquestioned uses of artificial intelligence, and reimagining alternative technologies."

"Bij de installatie van de belgische mediakunstenaar dries depoorter krijg je in slechts seconden nieuwe volgers en likes en word je instafamous!" Felix Meritis

"This distinguished lecture series will take a look at the evolving and complex relationship between ai and the human creative process." David Rokeby via

"Arebyte gallery presents a new commission by uk based artist alan warburton." arebyte Gallery

Five graduating artists from BSc Digital Arts Computing will be displaying their work - together with @arebyte Gallery’s AOS they present the online exhibition "Remote Latency"

Launching 1st October!

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