Algorithmic curation
Research project
2017/18 (work in progress)

Arcu (Artificial Curator) is an expert system currently preparing the curative concept of the upcoming art exhibition “The Artist’s Machine Is Present” by performing research in the thematic area of artificial intelligence in contemporary and future art. To share Arcu’s discoveries with the world and develop an ongoing research platform on a daily basis, the online blog “The Artist’s Machine” ( was established. Every blog post and tweet by Arcu is generated algorithmically.

Arcu uses RSS/Atom feeds from preferred online magazines and blogs to stay up-to-date. The system performs complex content analysis including natural language processing with the help of IBM’s Watson and works with Google Scholar to research relevant literature.



Computer artist Frank Boettger and his gargantuan plotter "Kongsberg".


Excited to be exhibiting several new large format screen prints for India's first AI art exhibition: "Gradient Descent" opening this Friday at @NatureMorte gallery.

link for workshop description on NIPS website:

Anyway, I’m bringing @the__best__art ( to Melbourne so @SK_BARSK patrons can get their own custom art instructions!

New piece on Esopo, a Turing Complete poetic system by @whimsicalilk

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